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Manually Crafted in Europe.

A true GL girl is never fully dressed without crystals. Rhythm, joy and fun are the keywords which best describe this chic crystallized collection which includes pieces always in exclusive, small runs adorned with hundreds of colorful crystals meticulously applied by hand to create GL’s intricate embellishment work. The only catch with GeorgiaLeyla is that the collection is online only. Electing not to include these pieces to any retailer may be as whimsical as the featured patterns, but it certainly feeds to the mythic status that GeorgiaLeyla retains amongst its competitors. And should you find yourself in need of a radiant burst of crystals attire for a luxury party, this collection is here for you. GL pieces can’t help but command attention.

CINDERELLA SHOES. Each crystal is applied by hand. The AtelierCV expert took over three days to complete this luxe look.

GeorgiaLeyla Design

Inspired by the women's taste and power.
Influential, innovative, romantic—GeorgiaLeyla products represent the power of the luxury craftsmanship and are unsurpassed for their quality and attention to detail.
Everything is handmade
A lot of customers don't know it and they think it is normal but it's not
Time is money
and here everything requires a lot of time because it is handmade one by one exclusively for each customer

Georgia Leyla aim is to design and make captivating garments that will make you feel and look your best. The line is exclusive and glamorous with a playful element, making each woman feel beautiful and special when she puts it on.
GL has developed her own specialist technique for making the garments.
Using only the most luxurious and high-end fabrics & finest finishings. All fabrics and finishings are of the utmost quality and sourced personally by the designer. This is unique and makes the garments comfortable providing a higher quality fit and feel.
Based in Portugal, Europe, GL hand makes in-house each item individually when you place your order. Each piece is unique & not manufactured.

- What criteria do you apply when designing new pieces? Quality first of all. I love exquisite materials and I'm convinced that is what my customers deserve. Equally important to me is originality. I enjoy designing striking and extravagant art pieces.
Whenever I make a new outfit I have in mind two paradoxes:
On the one hand, all my pieces have to be subtle and beautiful and elegant enough to be used both day and night.
On the other hand, my designs can and should be used both in and out of the room. 
I only use gracious Swarovski which follow the movements in a natural way and hugging curve fabrics are my selection.
I do not want my clients to buy one outfit to wear once. GeorgiaLeyla designs are lifetime pieces.
Discover the full story behind GL's collections, exclusively on Stories.
Luxury Packaging
All of our lingerie & hosiery comes beautifully packaged, wrapped in tissue paper in a luxury box. The GeorgiaLeyla collection will be delivered in gift boxes in white-black-turquoise-gold shades and all pieces will be wrapped in black premium tissue paper. Our outer packaging is unbranded and discrete. You can have your items arrive in discrete packaging if you don't want to spoil the surprise.




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