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It's time to shop by look! We all love it and it's much easier than making our own outfit right?! I've been matching my designs and here they are mixed & matched!
On the daily
Outfit Details:
GeorgiaLeyla Crystals Noir Fishnets with Extra Embellishment (Built in Feet Line & Pantie Line) & Shorts
The Amalfi Coast
Outfit Details:
Get dressed up
Outfit Details:
GeorgiaLeyla Unforgettable Power Dress & A Hint of Sensuality Dress & both wearing my signature tights, the Stella Di Cristallo Tights
Midnight Secrets
Outfit Details:
I promise I will share more outfits with my pieces!

At this moment all my designs are made with crystals 💎 & the big news is that I'm now accepting custom orders ✨✂️ (read more here
I would like to make this page a future blog so...
I must say I love what I do as a Fashion Designer, but some really don't understand what made by order means. All my Garments are handmade, designed and constructed by me. No Interns & No Help! To those who want an exclusive garment, you must be prepared to pay the custom made price! Making these Garments take hours, days & even weeks to complete just for you! You can't have a small budget when wanting someone to make prêt-à-porter with REAL CRYSTALS that costs this much. Not to included Fabric, Crystals, work hours, hand sewn work & the list goes on...Take the time out to google these prices on some of your celebrity favorite luxurious pieces just to see & show you how much they really cost. For example, a dress with *only* with 20 Crystals (exactly the same I use) made by a well-known luxury brand costs 2500EUR/2800USD... So when a designer asks for $100, $500 to do these luxurious designs but with *hundreds* of Swarovski there shouldn't be an issue!
I'm just spreading some knowledge👌 I love when my customers are passionate about my art 💖 (you can read everything about me here)
I believe in Quality over Quantity🙌 GeorgiaLeyla designs are timeless! Look at my work! Check out the details✂️ZOOM on the lines!🤓😍 #yougetwhatyoupayfor and #ILoveYou

Love Always,
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