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My Experience at Vivenda Miranda

10/10 My experience at the Boutique Hotel Vivenda Miranda - Luxury Retreat


This Year we add the unforgettable opportunity to photo-shoot at Vivenda Miranda. A wonderful boutique hotel in Lagos, Algarve, Portugal.

I could not post my experience on this luxury retreat.

There's no place to start because this is a truly Grand Luxury must stop when visiting Portugal, so here I go with some of my thoughts:


The stunning traditional Algarve Gardens at Vivenda Miranda are without a doubt managed by angels!

The gardens are always extremely clean, therefore the color of the grass is happiness.

Every angel is always very polite and you can see how every single one of them love to work on this beautiful property.

The hotel has direct access to Porto de Mós beach.



Well, well, well, the most beautiful views I have ever seen!

Set in a very tranquil location, with an endless sky, infinity ocean, ample gardens and beautiful lawned pool area overlooking Porto Mos beach, Lagos, the setting of Vivenda Miranda is unbeatable.  No matter if you are in your room, on the balcony, restaurant or at the pool, this boutique hotel is simply the best! 



At Vivenda Miranda you are definitely near to the sky so yes - the pillows are clouds from the sky! I had the best sleep nights from my last 3 years at this wonderful top destination!

It's better to see so you can believe so check this out

Photos in our room 

Videos in our room



I also need to thank the amazing guests at this hotel! Everyone is so polite! This is hard to find nowadays! It was encouraging to finally find a place and people like me <3



In one word: WOW

What a paradise! The birds, the ocean breezes, the 11 frogs... so romantic, so peaceful, so wonderful!


Lovely coincidence ^.^

Our grand luxury room number 11.

Who knew this was my lucky number? What a beautiful coincidence! The number 11 has so many lovely moments behind and now there are another one thanks to Vivenda Miranda.



When in Portugal, don't forget to have the best experience and stop at Vivenda Miranda - boutique hotel!

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