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Marie Caroline Crystallized Shoes


Intricately embellished with 1400+ genuine Crystals

All in, each pair of shoes takes 10 hours of h a n d work. 

100% Handmade. Each crystal is individually hand applied in Europe one by one!

💎Embellished shoes encrusted with clear Crystals applied by hand one by one 

Shoes are embellished with Small Clear Crystals, as photo. 

All orders are e x c l u s i v e l y made for each customer making your shoes u n i q u e in the world. No returns or refunds.

This order includes 1400+ Crystals.

Shipping: FedEx International Priority Shipping (tracking service, w/ schedule delivery and w/ signature required for delivery - this is the ONLY shipping service available)

- Estimated Time Arrival: 2 weeks* + 1-3 working days Delivery

* Others:

*I can do the crystallize service only (shoes are not included). You will have to send your shoes to me. After you supply me with the shoes, I will crystallize them with any Swarovski color you like.

*or you can tell which shoes you want so I can order them. In this case, is added the shoe price. A new listing will be available for you. Contact me if you’re interested in any of those options.


Need for a specific date? Looking for a custom order(different color,...)? please email <3 Happy to help! (It is also possible to embellish shoes of your choice or yours)

CrystalVita is a Portuguese brand focused on production with superior quality, often use Italian fabrics.
All CrystalVita products are manufactured in Portugal, hand-made, meeting the safety requirements defined by each country, in infrastructures that offer decent working conditions and do not use child labor.

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