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Make an enchanted video wearing your crystallized piece
  • 10€/10$/8£ exclusive discount code on your next order for you or a friend

1. Make an enchanted video wearing your crystallized piece
2. Tag @georgialeyla
3. Send your video link to info@georgialeyla.com
4. I will give your prize
5. I will feature you on social media
Georgia Leyla loves to help!
So, your new GL piece comes with 
Your Guide

I just received my order…

GeorgiaLeyla hand makes in-house each item individually upon order placed. Each piece is unique & not manufactured. It is handmade in Portugal (E.U.).

When you purchase a piece, GeorgiaLeyla delicately hand embellishes Swarovski crystals exclusively for you, so you can feel beautiful and special whenever you wear it.

A few crystals may shed during initial wear. Therefore, we always add extra crystals in each unit (+).

Since each item is handmade to order and to preserve hygiene of each customer, GL does not accept returns or exchanges, all sales are final.

Handmade finest garments that have crystals are nature delicate luxury items so your unit needs to be treated as such, with extra love and care. When trying on your GL you cannot be rough; pull from the fabric taking extra care not to provide tension anywhere. Please: do not pull, do not force. We recommend a friend/family member assist you getting in and out of the tights. See more about care.



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