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I've invested all my saving on this business. A lot of people think that I sell expensive item and I'm rich. But it's the opposite. I just do what I like and I'm selling everything in a sale price.
I've invested in buying boxes just to ship the items beautifully packaged, I've fabrics in stock, machines, 10.000EUR in crystals in my atelier because the Swarovski order minimum is 10.000EUR,... yep. I've invested a lot of savings just to open this business. It's my dream. I want something to do until my last day and this it! marketing, 

But I need to reach people. I need marketing. Just to do marketing on google AdWords, the "experts" ask for 10.000USD. Bloggers want from 1000USD and it never ends - I usually I've received proposals from 2000 USD for 1 post on Instagram. It's a business. This influencer/bloggers never use what they like. They ask money for 1 post and you still have to send the item she WANTS. After you pay them, they will buy Gucci with the money you've send. And they don't pay taxes. It's all clean money.  

Sad for the small business like mine. I need to eat, I need a house and to live but everything I've earned I've invested here again.

Saddest to see stores getting advantage of people when selling Chinese fishnets that they buy for 1 $ and selling it for 30$ . They earn more than me selling ** . I do everything by myself, working on weekends so you can have your order on time, shipping by fedex so you don't have any problems with the shipping. Did you know I've to pay 40$ to ship to USA but I only charge 20$ ? Every other stores ship using the national post. It takes 1 month to be delivered (after the shipping date)
But I don't want problems.

I love what I do as a Fashion Designer, but some really don't understand what made by order means. All my Garments are handmade, designed and constructed by me. No Interns & No Help! To those who want an exclusive garment, you must be prepared to pay the custom made price! Making these Garments take hours, days & even weeks to complete just for you! You can't have a small budget when wanting someone to make prêt-à-porter with REAL CRYSTALS that costs this much. Not to included Fabric, Crystals, work hours, hand sewn work & the list goes on...Take the time out to google these prices on some of your celebrity favorite luxurious pieces just to see & show you how much they really cost. For example, a dress with *only* with 20 Crystals (exactly the same I use) made by a well-known luxury brand costs 2500EUR/2800USD... So when a designer asks for $100, $500 to do these luxurious designs but with *hundreds* of Swarovski there shouldn't be an issue!
I'm just spreading some knowledge👌 I love when my customers are passionate about my art 💖 (you can read everything about me here)
I believe in Quality over Quantity🙌 GeorgiaLeyla designs are timeless! Look at my work! Check out the details✂️ZOOM on the lines!🤓😍 #yougetwhatyoupayfor and #ILoveYou

I wanted to do everything perfect since the beginning. Excellent products & excellent service!

Thinking on the long terms! On my dreams.

Thank you for reading,

Thank you for your support!

Love Always,


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