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Haute Artisan Boots

£1,300.00 £900.00

6000 Swarovski crystals are intricately 100% hand-applied individually one by one in-house to create the ultimate couture boots.

Transforming shoes into a magical fairytale! Made upon order placed

Enchanted boots encrusted with genuine Swarovski crystals

All orders are exclusively made for each customer making your shoes unique in the world.
100% Handmade. Each crystal is individually hand applied one by one.


1. Custom crystallize service only, shoes are not included. You will have to send your shoes to me. After you supply me with the shoes, I will crystallize them with any Swarovski color you like. 

2. You can tell which boots you want so I can order them. In this case, is added the shoe price. A new listing will be available for you. Contact me if you’re interested in this option.

3. Order the service and buy GeorgiaLeyla shoes right here on this listing.  


For a quote to have other embellishments (custom order) email info@georgialeyla.com

General/Standard/Universal Size

Production Time: 1-2 weeks

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