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La Dolce Vita Bodysuit / Top





Tailoring and craftsmanship have always been the essence of the GeorgiaLeyla collections, which come to life in iconic garments that are feminine and timeless.

"La Dolce Vita" is a piece of art inspired by Italian wonders: glamorous beaches frequent for lovers of luxurious living; Infinity pools with as simple and beautiful views of the world; And of course, in the great masters of Italian design. A kicker to the rich '90s.

Although the design of the piece is sexy and flashy for girls who like to be noticed, with the latest fashion lace up, each detail of this piece makes a difference: each design and size of crystal has been chosen in detail so the piece is transformed into a true piece of art to use at any time of the day, which is precisely what we all deserve!

220 oversized crystals, branded and imported from Austria (Swarovski), are carefully 100% hand stitched in my atelier exclusively for each client without any help from collaborators. I design and make the pieces by myself in Portugal. To produce 1 Dolce Vita is necessary 5 exclusive days so when acquiring this piece I will be working only for you for 5 whole days.

Hand embellished and intricately adorned at the front with silver crystals, the photos and videos do not do justice to the beauty of the sparkle of this piece of art. But when you get this piece in your house and open the box, your eyes will see the amount of shine and I will certainly surprise you!! Both in daylight and at night, it is one of the pieces that shine the most and complete with crystals.
The back is not embellished but a custom order can be requested.

Perfect for all occasions, to be worn both day and night, in or out of the bedroom, La Dolce Vita TOP makes possible to reconcile the latest fashions (sexy and lace-up) with the good sense of elegance and glamor.

If you're going on vacation and looking for a swimsuit, simply go with this!! If you need a stunner body, grab it, too! La Dolce Vita was made as a bodysuit (it has a buttons bellow) and the bandage fabric can be used as a bathing suit.
The straps are adjustable and at the back, a zipper, back hook and eye closure make it easier to wear.
The black and silver colors, symbols of tradition, take form on La Dolce Vita through various designs and crystals, making each piece truly one-of-a-kind.

This listing is for the Dolce Vita Top / Bodysuit embellished until the belly.

Size & Fit: Fits true to size. Model is pictured wearing a size XS.
Model Profile: Bust 82 CM, Waist 61 CM, Hips 71 CM, Height 160 CM
Fabrics & care: Real Bandage Stretch Fabric. Heavy Material. Lace Fabric. 90% Rayon, 9% Nylon, 1% Spandex.
Hand wash, cold water only. See more about care.
Made in: Portugal (European Union)
Please: do not pull, do not force. We recommend a friend/family member assist you getting in and out. See more about care.


Estimated Time Arrival: 8-15 days please do not hesitate to get in touch info@georgialeyla.com if you need it for a specific date!

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