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Plus Size Honeymoon Tights


Plus Size - one fits most, XL/XXL/Height 180cm/Hips 132cm/Weight 100kg
400 Crystals are applied by hand in Portugal to create the Honeymoon intricate work



For the ultimate romance lovers, the Honeymoon Tights were adorned with the finest 400+ glimmering Crystals.

The idea came when I was debuting with one question:
Hold-ups stockings are beautiful and sexy but it is always necessary to wear a garter belt and they are not always as easy to use as a pantyhose.
So, I thought I could join the beauty and the comfort and create: a pantyhose that looks like hold-ups!
With crystals, I drew the hold-up shape and from there I did a gradient of crystals all the way down.
These tights have crystals from the feet up to the waist/hip and I reinforced the gradient and the design of hold-ups stockings.

The Honeymoon Tights are made by hand, by myself in my atelier. As I make it by order and for each customer, there are no two tights alike.
In choosing the sizes and colors of the crystals I was inspired by the glamorous Make-up artists and I ended up choosing large and medium crystals in the colors silver and aurora borealis.
Although I mainly use aurora borealis color, the silver crystals give a subtle touch of elegance that I considered obligatory for a romantic!
In addition, the tights were entirely embellished with small, shiny crystals.

Of all my work in tights, this may be my best design: where elegant glamor meets sensuality.

A divine characteristic of my work with crystals is that there is no product that does not look better in reality.




Ultra-sheer tights, invisible on the skin, for a nude effect that enhances the look of your legs; Nude Top, cotton gusset, invisible toe.

Fabrics & care: 63% polyamide, 35% polyurethane, 2% cotton

Italian Fabric


There's available body shaping tights for a little belly! They feature hard fabric to put waist and butt in the right places. Only available for "no" all the way up embellishment, bronze and brown colors. LEAVE AN ORDER NOTE AT THE CHECKOUT IF YOU NEED IT or contact info@georgialeyla.com

Cold hand wash recommended, only.

Please: do not pull, do not force. We recommend a friend/family member assist you getting in and out of the tights.

This item is carefully handmade, upon order placed.

Made in: Portugal (E.U.)



GeorgiaLeyla's designs come packaged in a gift box and they're delivered by FedEx experts in 1-2 days after shipping day. 
Estimated Time Arrival (ETA): 3-10 days Contact me if you need it faster info@georgialeyla.com


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