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Saint Boots


Transforming shoes into a magical fairytale!

For a quote to have your heels embellished in genuine Swarovski crystals email

Made upon order placed


Saint Laurent inspired boots encrusted with crystals 

How does it work:

- Send your a pair of boots or you can tell which boots you want that I can order them

- Embellishment: 3000 silver SWAROVSKI crystals (size ss20 as seen on Saint Laurent boots), 1500 crystals for each boot hand applied one by one

- The embellished design just like Saint Laurent: rows.



Embellishment 700EUR + 0EUR Ship to me your pair of boots

Embellishment 700EUR + xEUR choose your boots that I can order it



Kindly note it take me 1 full week of work to me  making these exclusively for you

Some crystals can't be applied to a few boot fabrics like velvet, plastic...

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